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1. Why did my bill go up?  Back in 2018 we met in a public board meeting and it was voted on that we would have a small rate increase over 5 years.  This fiscal year the increase approved was 5%.  The rate increase effected water/sewer.  These rate increases over the past 5 years still keeps our rates at some of the lowest in the state.  We have been able to finally get to some of the projects that are shown on our NEWS page as a result of these rate increases.  We appreciate everyones support and voting to help us maintain high quality water and sewer services to the District.  We are excited to be able to start getting projects done that have been badly needed.

2. How can I pay my bill online?  Our website now has a new BILL PAY page where you can easily pay your water/sewer bill.  No need to set up an account online, making it super quick and easy.  We also still have auto direct withdrawal from your checking account as an option.

3. What is the District doing to address our aging water and sewer systems?  Check our new NEWS page that outlines our projects that we will be working on today and in the near future.

4. Is our drinking water good?  Yes, in fact we are delivering water that meets all state standards and then some.  California has some of the strictist standards in the nation for water quality.

5. Do we have a Uranium plant?  This has been misunderstood.  Yes we have a Uranium TREATMENT plant that treats our water that we draw from June Lake when water from the lake is needed.  WE DO NOT PUT URANIUM in your drinking water.  We remove naturally ocurring Uranium that is filtered out from our drinking water derived from the lake.  This is not uncommon for there to be naturally occuring levels of Uranium found in bodies of water.  We have a special filtration system at our June Lake water treatment plant that filters Uranium from the water we get from the lake.  The state has strict requirements that require Uranium be at safe levels.  Our Uranium Treatment plant makes sure we are always in compliant with state requirements.

6. Why do District employees take their truck home?  You may see one of our District trucks at an employees residence.  This is because at any given time our employees need to respond quickly to the needs of our Districts water and sewer.  This is a 24 hour duty that we all share here.  We must be able to respond to all emergencies.  Not unlike other public entities (police, sherrif, fire department and highway patrol).  Our team tries to respond as quickly as possible 24 hours, 7 days per week.  

7. How can I find out more about the Districts water and sewer systems?  Our door is always open to you Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Stop in with any questions you may have.  As well we are open to providing tours of our facilities upon scheduling and time permitting.  It is actually quite interesting and informational.